Know the History of Much Popular Breakfast Products in India

25/03/2014 17:57

What did you have in your breakfast? A glass of juice or a bowl of cereals seem to be the most convenient breakfast in a hurry. Many of us today choose breakfast products available in the market, that too in different flavors to start our day in a great way. There are many companies that are now into the business of manufacturing these products. Among these, some Indian companies are also there who have successfully carved their niche with their premium Breakfast Products India.  

An overview of the history of breakfast products

The history of the arrival of breakfast products in our daily lives is very interesting. In the late 19th century, there was in fact no trace of any breakfast products in the market that we see nowadays commonly. In the West, eggs, bacons, sausages were the popular breakfast products while at that time, no particular Breakfast Products India exist in the market targeted for breakfast purpose.
It was not until in 1877, that people started to become aware of these products, when David Harvey Kellogg designed a mashed cornmeal for people suffering from intestinal problems.  Later, when his sibling Will Kellogg creates corn-flakes, the consumption of breakfast products gained a massive momentum across the globe under the brand name ‘Kellogg Corn Flakes’.

Breakfast Products India thus, has to face immense competition from Kellogg. Rapid urbanization has helped in more acceptance of Breakfast Products India by Indian consumers in course of time. However, still there are many Indians for whom Breakfast Products India means having poha (flattened rice), dalia, dosa, paratha, idli, etc. Carefully planned media campaigns have off late paid off the effort and investment by manufacturers of nutritious Breakfast Products India.

Breakfast Product India are nutritious and delicious

There are a now a large variety of Breakfast Products India at reasonable pricing and manufactured under the most hygienic environment to kick start your day with something extremely nutritious and tasty. Some of the common Breakfast Products India is Corn Flakes, Choco Flakes, White Oats, Muesli, etc. These products also have the night amalgamation of vitamin, minerals, etc to full fill the energy requirement of your body without even adding an ounce of fat. Most Indians have now turned health conscious and what can be better than having a breakfast that is light, tasty and nutritious. These are also most convenient to prepare by adding milk and a few fruits if desired.

With no side effects and targeted to all age groups, no wonder breakfast products manufactured by Indian companies will soon surpass the international key players in the market.


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