Reasons for Adapting Low Fat Diet

10/03/2014 15:17

Fat is a vital macronutrient that controls inflammation, blood clotting and develops brain. Good fats are responsible for healthy skin and hair and also help in absorbing vitamins A, D, E and K. It is important to include low fat foods in your diet to have a stable life. Fats are of three types- Saturated, unsaturated and trans-fat. Olive oils and vegetable oils, nuts, avocados and fish are good sources of unsaturated fats. These fats are good in nourishing the body from deep inside. Saturated and trans-fat comes from butter, cream, lard, margarine, coconut, palm oil, chicken and meat. These are comparatively less nutritious than unsaturated fats. Also, these fats are responsible for increased cholesterol level in the human body.

Fitness comes to those who know about its importance. Low fat foods help you to get fit mind and healthy body. These are also known as weight controlling agents and the more consumption of low fats gives lesser chances to get obese. You are surrounded with several people including housewives, who are trying to get slim body. They visit supermarkets and pick up the fat free food products to trim their extra fat of the body.

Low fat diet can’t perform like a magic wand. If you have a plan to lose your 15kg in one day, then sorry! You have to remember few things that are mention below:

  • Regular check over fat intake – 20%-30% of daily calories

  • Planning a healthy diet by including unsaturated fats

  • Drinking 3-4 litre water

  • Physical exercise

  • Lesser sodium intake

Is there any right age to have low fat foods?

Well, it’s a tricky question. Low fat food is recommended for those who have a problem of high cholesterol and heart disease. Though, if a person is facing health issues like obesity, he can also plan low fat diet. The purpose of consuming fat free products is to get minimum fats from the meal, which helps in managing cholesterol level in the body. So, if the person is 10 years old child, it would be great if you could provide him decent amount of unsaturated fats, instead of low fat diet. Kids have strong metabolism and unsaturated fats help in brain development. Nutritionist won’t suggest low fat foods for growing children, unless they are facing health issues like heart disease, obesity, joint ailments, etc.


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